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Pilates Ikigai Reformer / Tower

Reformer Pilates is great for beginners as many of the exercises are performed in reclining or sitting positions on a moving platform, using ropes/pulleys and springs, most exercises are low impact and partially weight bearing. The classes will introduce you to the principles of Pìlates in a dynamic way.  Working under load, the springs will offer different challenges depending on whether the focus is on articulation of the spine, strengthening of the muscles or stability. Classes will grow in level of challenge gradually so that you can feel confident with every session. Benefits of Reformer Pilates are that it helps to develop a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the torso, hips shoulders and pelvis.  The result is elongated and strengthened muscles with improved muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Group - min 2/ max 4 people

Price per class - €25.00

Experience wellbeing and connection at Pilates Ikigai. Our friendly studio offers a range of Pilates classes designed to help you find balance and harmony in your body and mind. Join us today and discover your own personal ikigai!

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates is like a playground, with the five pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself you will be able to challenge the body in all movement planes, progressing from lying down to hanging upside down. Each piece of equipment works on the principle of strengthening the body using the correct muscle groups, offering the body a safe place to establish stabilization whether balancing on the hands or hanging from the feet.  Like all of the Pilates classes the Studio Circuit builds on a gradual progression, it is great for beginners who are looking to challenge themselves as they progress through the practice.  Studio Circuit will offer some fun dynamic exercises no matter your level.

Group - min 2 / max 4 people

Price per class - €25.00

Studio Pilates Ikigai

Pilates Mat TRX

Pilates Ikigai Suspension / TRX

The Pilates Mat TRX classes combine mat Pilates and equipment based Pilates exercises and are performed on the TRX suspension trainer. Each Pilates Suspension exercise is Pilates rooted and you will have most likely covered them on the Mat, Reformer or Trapeze Table, the only difference is the feedback you get back from the instability of the TRX. Suspension training helps to improve your strength and endurance, but it can also help to improve your flexibility, coordination, and most importantly balance. This class is suitable for all levels, again the classes will build gradually so that you can feel confident with every session.

Group - min 2 / max 6 people

Price per class - €25.00

Mat Pilates with Props 

Mat Pilates is a great place to start for a beginner, classes will focus on the mind-body connection and guidance will be given on how to breathe to assist the movement.  The classes will focus on connecting with the stabilizing muscles and moving from the core.  Exercises will be progressed with the aid of tactile feedback from various props, these will either offer assistance or resistance depending on the exercise. Mat classes are not just for beginners a common misconception is that mat Pilates is easier than Studio Pilates.  It can be much harder as unlike the equipment-based exercises that provide assistance from the springs and ropes the mat offers no assistance against gravity, so it can be much more of a challenge.  All classes will offer a progression and regression for varying levels.

Group - min 4 max 10 people

Price per class - You decide €10.00/ €18.00

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